How to Fix a Running Toilet

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A continuously running toilet is not only annoying but it’s a complete waste of water too, and it could increase your water bills. So, as you can see, there’s more than one good reason why you need to fix a running toilet as soon as possible. In this how to fix a running toilet guide we’ll take you through the various ways to help you solve this common plumbing issue.

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Step 1 – Locate the problem area

If your toilet won’t stop flushing, you will need to remove the cistern lid to locate the problem area. While the lid is off, flush the toilet and check over each component within the cistern to see if there’s something that’s obviously not quite right.

Step 2 – Check the water level

When you’re checking inside the cistern, make sure the water sits at the water line. If it’s below this line, then you will need to check the water valve is fully on. If it’s not, simply adjust it and the water will fill up in the tank, but if this doesn’t work, there may be a different problem.

Step 3 – Close the flapper

Another common cause of a running toilet is that the flapper may be stuck open and not totally covering the valve. To fix this, simply reach into the cistern and close the flapper. Also, the chain attached to the flapper could be tangled or twisted up, which can prevent it from closing. If you can see that this has happened, then untangle the chain using your hand. There may be a problem with the part itself, if it’s still not closing properly, and therefore will need replacing.

Step 4 – Check the float

If the toilet is still running after you’ve checked the water level and flapper, the next part to check is the float. Lowering the float will help lower the water level in the cistern and prevent it from rising too high. If the water rises too high, the water travels through the overflow pipe and into the toilet bowl, which causes the toilet to keep running. Keep a check on the water level; it should be no more than an inch below the overflow pipe.

There are two main types of float – ball float and float cup. If the cistern has a ball float, bend it downwards or tighten up the screw located on the other end of the arm that’s connected to the ball. For a float cup, locate the metal clip, pinch and slide it so that it’s beneath the water level.

It’s also a good idea to check the float itself to make sure it’s not clogged with water, as this can cause the toilet to run. Unscrew the float and gently shake it, if you can hear water inside, then you will need to replace it.

Step 5 – Flush the toilet again

Once you’ve checked over the above issues, leave the cistern lid off and flush the toilet to make sure it doesn’t continuously run. If it still runs, the flush valve or flapper may need replacing, if not then you’ve successfully fixed your running toilet!

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DIY is a great way to save time and money, however to avoid disappointment, invalidating your warranty, and potential injury we recommend hiring a trained professional. This guide on how to fix a running toilet is for your information only and if you do decide to be bold and try it, we cannot be responsible for any outcome.

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