10 Design Ideas for Large Kitchens


If you are blessed with an abundance of space in your home then you can do so much more from a design point of view.

While we often talk about small kitchen solutions, we don’t often talk about design ideas for large kitchens.

In fact, planning a design for a large kitchen can be harder because you have more space to work with. Any style errors or mistakes will often be more noticeable.

10 Design Ideas for Large Kitchens

We have come up with 10 design ideas for large kitchens that you can implement at home.

If you are planning on renovating your large kitchen in 2019 then some or all of these tips will help create  stylish but functional room that everyone will enjoy.

#1 Keep the Colours Simple

Having such a big area to decorate can be a pain and this is one of the reasons why you should keep the colours simple.

An earth centered colour scheme often works best in a large room however bringing darker blues into the equation as well can keep things basic but to great effect. In fact, the beauty of having a big room means that you can incorporate darker colours into the room and it won’t feel small or claustrophobic. High gloss kitchen units are also a good choice in a large kitchen as they offer a sleek and modern design.

#2 Having an Accent Wall Is Recommended Though

Even though we say keep the colour scheme simple and consistent, it is a good idea to have an accent wall somewhere in the room.

Creating a kitchen accent is easier than you think and this isn’t something that is good to break up a big room and make something noticeable and vibrant. This is one of the best design ideas for large kitchens that can add a new dimension to its’ design. An accent wall instantly gather attention and if you keep the rest of your room simple with neutral colours this is your chance to add some creativity to one section.

#3 Consider a Belfast Sink

Belfast Sinks aren’t always suited to small kitchens but they can really as a unique design in a larger room.

Belfast sinks are deeper than most sinks, traditionally have an overflow which differentiates them from Butler sinks and finally are sturdy and will last for a long time. They allow you to wash more items in the sink at the one time and they are very practical too. One downside is that they are made from porcelain so any items (such as plates or glasses) will more than likely shatter in a Belfast sink where they might not in a standard sink that you find in most homes.

#4 Or even another sink

If you have enough room then why not invest in a second sink for your kitchen?

Have you ever been cooking for many people and quickly find that your sink becomes overloaded with dishes really quickly? A second sink can really help you out and it is a great way that you can wash vegetables and other foods without trying to maneuver around all the plates, cutting boards and oven trays that are sitting and waiting to be washed up. This will obviously require additional plumbing however a separate sink is a great practical and design feature in a large kitchen and perfect to have on a kitchen island.

Large kitchen with island

Chalon kitchen with curved worktable” (CC BY 2.0) by ChalonHandmade

#5 Put in a Big Kitchen Island

Kitchen island’s are not only fantastic design features but they are an incredibly practical thing to have in your home too.

The beauty of having a big kitchen is that you should have room for an island. This can not only act as another area to prepare food or wash up if you add in a second kitchen sink that we spoke about above but it can double up as another seating area too. We’ll have a look at informal and formal dining areas a little later on but a kitchen island with some stools is an effective method of establishing an informal dining area for breakfast or a quick coffee.

#6 Industrial Designs Are Great

One thing that is a staple of an industrial kitchen is open space. If you are seeking design ideas for large kitchens then an ultra modern industrial design is something you can incorporate into your home.

They look a bit out of place in smaller kitchens as they don’t have the same impact. Exposed brick, open spaces and metal utensils and even worktops are all prominent features. Creating an industrial style kitchen can be achieved in a larger room and will offer a really unique style that you don’t see in many homes.

#7 Keep to the Work Triangle

The ‘work triangle’ is still the best way to design a kitchen regardless of how big or small it is.

This triangle has 3 separate points. One of preparing and storing food, one for cooking food and one for cleaning up afterwards. The whole idea is that it creates a natural flow to the kitchen and means everything is within easy reach. This can be hard to achieve in single wall kitchens however if you have a large room then it can help to create a better structure to its layout rather than simply putting appliances in random locations.

#8 Have Separate Formal and Informal Dining Areas

This follows on from #5 – having a big kitchen means you can have both informal and more formal dining areas.

Something as straightforward as putting stools around a kitchen island can help create an informal eating and drinking area. You can even create a breakfast bar too. This leaves room for a dining table that can be used when you have guests round or for Sunday dinner.

#9 Consider underfloor heating

One problem that many designs for large kitchens have is heating the room.

As there is likely to be a lot more open space than you would find in a smaller kitchen it can cost more to heat. This is why many households opt for underfloor heating. Not only is it a good way to heat up a large room but it is energy efficient and also free’s up wall space as well. It isn’t that costly to have installed either and can be a great design feature which can add value to your home.

#10 Low Hanging Lighting

Finally, in large rooms you have the possibility of using low hanging lighting without making the room feel small.

Low hanging lighting isn’t usually suitable in smaller rooms however in large kitchens it really adds to the entire style. Consider having exposed light bulbs too for a really modern effect.

Getting Help With Your Large Kitchen Design

These design ideas for large kitchens can really bring life to your home.

Some bigger kitchens suffer from too much space. They can seem empty and soulless. Many don’t have a coherent design either so just look like various styles thrown together without an overall strategy.

If you have a larger kitchen then consider implementing some of these designs. Not only will they enhance your home but they will ensure that your kitchen doesn’t feel bleak or characterless.

Stuck for inspiration? Unsure how to design your kitchen? Contact us today and our expert team will be glad to help.

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